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Adderall for All?

Adderall for all and all on "Addy?" Now that's a frightening thought. Over the past several years, the use of Adderall and other ADHD prescription drugs for performance enhancement has skyrocketed among college students. After years of trending “fun drugs” (speed and crack to name a few), there is now a new trend that is [...]

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I’ll stop procrastinating…tomorrow

Procrastination is the subject of this blog, and also my life. I know I'm not the only one. And right now, around finals time, is when all of us of the procrastinating breed would give anything to be able to go back in time and not make the choices that we always make. (Even though, [...]

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That Phenomenon Known as Free Time

I grew up in a household that wasn’t exactly familiar with the idea of free time. Although we have a great family room and a 92’’ TV, I’m pretty sure I can physically count on one hand the number of times my entire family and I have sat on the couch together to enjoy a television program. My parents, both full-time physicians, [...]

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You are More than Your Score

I innocently meandered into Barnes and Noble the summer after my junior year to pick up a few GMAT and GRE prep books.  As an aspiring businesswoman, I thought pursuing an advanced degree seemed to be the logical post-graduation path.  For the first few weeks of summer, I blissfully splashed around in the pool and drank [...]

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A Study Guide for Studying

Throughout the semester, students at the University of Michigan have developed their own distinct habits of studying; some of them prefer to study in noisy environments like the second floor of the UGLI, while others prefer silent environments such as the Law Library or Hatcher Graduate Library.  However, whenever finals rolls around I notice that [...]

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The 10 Commandments of the Stacks

Now that we’re approaching the time of year where we might be spending more time in the Stacks than we’d like to admit, I thought we all could use a refresher course on the unspoken rules of the Stacks. While there may not be one sole enforcer of these rules, I can almost guarantee if [...]

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Sleep During Finals Season: A New Conundrum

I think we can all agree that with the semester's end slowly nearing and finals quickly approaching, a major sacrifice we will make this December may just be the thing we need the most of: sleep. It’s almost inevitable that sleep will no longer be as high a priority for students as finals season sets [...]

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Fall Break: Expectations vs. Reality

Things you planned to do during fall break: Start your English paper Apply for more jobs Catch up on your reading Figure out what the heck is going on in orgo Update resume Answer neglected emails Call Grandma back Things you did on fall break: Slept restfully for the first time in weeks Watched Michigan [...]

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Tests Making You Sick? Here’s Why

That time of year is upon us once again, but fortunately for most, it is almost over. I'm talking about midterms. For professors, these couple of weeks mean their students will be reviewing material in order to help indicate how well the professor has taught the class thus far. However, for students, this time involves [...]

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Eight Tips for Time Management

Time management is an important skill to develop in order to get through college and is probably best learned through trial and error. For your benefit, I've put together a list of a few things I’ve learned over the years: Use Remember the Milk, an online task organizer. You can sign up for a free account and manage all [...]

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Study Tips: The Real Deal

As a neuroscience major I’ve had my fair share of psychology classes—biopsychology, cognitive psych, developmental psych, even a social psychology class on entrepreneurship. Each of my professors, though, have only touched on the psychologically proven ways of better studying, one of the most relevent and beneficial topics for the leaders and best. Until now.

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Don’t Look at Facebook!

Finals are here! The libraries and cafes are getting more and more crowded by the day.  Though I can't help you find an empty seat or an available outlet (if anyone knows any great spots on campus that are usually pretty empty, post here!), I can help you veer away from that one website that [...]

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The All-Nighter

As finals approach the hours of studying will be stretched longer and longer, cutting into our precious hours of sleep.  The day or two before exam day will be especially stressful for those of us who tend to leave things to the last minute, but does that justify an all-nighter?  Of all the tales of epic studying [...]

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