Pro Football Predictions (10.6.11)

Predicting the outcomes and scores of pro football games is not easy due to the parity of the league and the unpredictability of the games. I’m going to try and make a weekly habit of making some form of predictions whether in pro football, college football, or other sports.

Did You Hear That?

I was one of those students who sold their tickets to the Michigan vs. Minnesota game this past weekend. I had a good excuse to do so and I still showed my support for the team by listening to every play on the radio. The game was a nail biter for the first minute then was all Michigan after that. Many would change the station knowing it was a blowout but the radio kept it engaging and my friends and I continued to listen to the finish.

Not the Same Old Lions

It’s not easy being a Lions fan. A sea of losing, misery, and shame has showered over Lions fans for an unfathomable number of years. The Detroit Lions have embraced and thrown away their starting quarterbacks…

Do Children Need that X-Factor?

Simon Cowell’s new show, The X-Factor, premiered last night on FOX. As a die hard American Idol fan since Season 1, I hurried home and made sure to have my remote at the ready when the clock struck 8:00. Curious as to how to the show would start, I was pleasantly surprised when a spunky 13-year-old took the stage.

You’re On the List, But You Can’t Come In

At the age of 16, many of us were just getting our driver’s license, waiting for the school week to end, and debating who to vote for on American Idol. Lexi Thompson isn’t much different in that sense except that she has swung her way into the national record books, becoming the youngest golfer to win an LPGA event at the age of 16.

Boring Baseball

As I was preparing to head out last Friday night, I checked Facebook one last time before making my way out the door. A post from one of my friends had come up on my newsfeed saying, “I can’t believe it’s this close… go Tigers!!”

Michael Vick Owning Dogs Again

After serving his sentence, Vick was put on “supervised release” for three years, where it banned him from owning a dog, assumed by the public as well as by Vick himself, for the rest of his life. In a recent interview, however, he stated that he would like to “own a dog again.”

Andy Roddick is On Our Side

Andy Roddick, former World No. 1 and currently the second highest-ranked American tennis player, has been receiving a lot of heat from the media after his recent interview with Chris Fowler regarding his comment that tennis analysts having the “easiest job in the world.”