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Week 6 Bold Predictions

  Fantasy Football: Five Bold Predictions (Assume standard scoring, no PPR) Desean Jackson scores under 3 points.  Bench him.  Not only does he have to go against Darrelle Revis, but he decided to call Revis out about not being as fast as him.  Bold move, Mr. Jackson; we’ll see how it pays off for you. [...]

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Week 6 Pickups and more

Welcome to my sports blog.  I will be posting two blogs a week about various topics.  For my blogs, I'm going to try to stick to a format which includes fantasy football advice, game picks, analysis, and an opinion on a current story.  I might throw a curve ball in here and there if I [...]

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Mope Springs Eternal

It’s starting again, I can feel it. Reggie Bush, Glover Quin, two no-name defensive lineman, and we re-signed Delmas?  This is our year! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I envy you.  But if you do, let’s commiserate.  Nearly two decades into my career (yes, it’s a job) as a Detroit Lions fan, and I’m exhausted. Every offseason, [...]

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What is Loyalty in Sports?

What is loyalty in sports? Has it ever existed? And when you leave one team for another, how do you say goodbye? For years, players who made it seem like they’d spend their entire career in one uniform just don’t. The list is pretty extensive including Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and now most notably, [...]

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College Basketball, Irrational Gambling, and the Thrill of March Madness

The NCAA tournament is only one day away!  Like most basketball fans, I couldn’t wait for March Madness to begin when the calendar hit March 1st.  Between bracket filling, money pools, buzzer beaters, and, of course, endless hours of basketball, March Madness is the ultimate sports experience.  But what exactly about the NCAA tournament separates [...]

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A Night to Remember!

To those who didn’t take part in the greatest night of the year, I’m sorry. With the shooting stars and the skills competitions, and the three-point and the dunk contests, Saturday night could only be called one thing—All-Star Saturday night. I’ll be the first to admit that if you didn’t watch it this year because of how poor [...]

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The NFL Will Not Exist in 20 Years, Period.

As Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard remarked days before Super Bowl XLVII: I truly believe that in another 20 to 30 years, football will not be in existence anymore. We all know what this game is about. We know and understand that it is a violent sport. As grim and gloomy as this statement might [...]

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Football School No Mo’

It’s no secret that the University of Michigan is what one would call a "football school.” Students live for the excitement of football Saturdays, bowl games, and nights at Skeeps after big wins. We’ve all finally gotten used to the fact that when football players are in our classes, they can sit at the front of the lecture, on their [...]

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Detroit Pistons: To Tank or to Try?

The Detroit Pistons have been a mediocre team–at best–for quite some time now.  It seems like so long ago when the Pistons were making conference finals appearances like it was no big deal, year after year.  Now, the thought of a playoff appearance seems to be an afterthought, with fans hoping for a losing record, and thus, a [...]

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Cheaters Never Win and Winners Never Cheat

From the very beginning, children are taught right and wrong.  While concepts like political parties and religion don’t take root for years, children can identify ‘cheaters’ almost as soon as they can speak.  Whether it’s a contentious game of Monopoly, a gritty game of schoolyard football, or the Tour de France, we have no problem condemning ‘cheaters’ [...]

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DVRs and the Devil

This past Saturday morning my friend and I were watching Manchester United's Premier League match against Norwich[1] when something strange happened. As the first half drew to a close we decided to go get food—in this case a twenty minute trip—during a fifteen minute halftime period. First, some background: we never voluntarily miss a minute [...]

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More Than a Game

As the final weeks of summer came to a close, I drove to my friend Ellery’s house one final time for an event that would dramatically impact the way my hometown friends and I experience Sundays for months to come – a fantasy football draft; and upon arrival, a feeling of anxiety overwhelmed me as [...]

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The NBA: What’s to Love About the Upcoming Season

Oh, how I’ve missed you, NBA. No, this is not a dream. I said it. I know I’m in the minority here, but I love the NBA!  There’s probably nothing that I can write or say or act or sing or dance or beg that will make you have an appreciation for The Association and the commissioner David Stern, [...]

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Pick a Team, Any Team

The English Premier League is becoming more and more popular in the United States, in part because it's now relatively easy to watch the matches. Just a few years ago, even fans with satelittle or digital cable were forced to pay for access to the Fox Soccer and Setanta Sports channels. Fast-forward to 2012 and ESPN carries two games a [...]

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Socialism, Football, and Football

Bill Simmon's piece yesterday on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his hypocritical, dictatorial governing style got me thinking about the intersection of sports and politics. Much has been written (and spoken) about how the most American of sports leagues, the NFL, is definitively socialist. Goodell recently admitted as much on 60 minutes. Revenue (tickets, TV rights, merchandise) is shared between the [...]

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