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March?! Paul George’s Comeback…

Rewind to August 1, 2014 at the infamous musical festival in Chicago, Lollapalooza, where non-artsy people put flowers in their hair and Flash tattoos on their bodies in an attempt to be "artsy" for one weekend during the summer. I was one of those people--a true Lolla-pa-loser. Unfortunately, my bliss during the Eminem set with a surprise [...]

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For Watching College Football, There is No Place Like Home

“Sam! Get off the bed and be quiet," my mom used to yell, "Your brother is trying to sleep!” I would jump off the bed and run up to the TV, trying not to wake my brother. In my worn out jersey and ill-fitted cap, my eyes would glue to the screen as my favorite college [...]

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The Ten Names You Need To Know

The other day I was talking to my best friend’s girlfriend when I casually mentioned Larry Bird. She looked befuddled, as if the name Larry Bird had never been uttered around her. I had just expected her to know Larry Bird’s name, one of the biggest and most celebrated stars of the NBA. But the [...]

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Thank You Derek

“Now batting, number 2, Derek Jeter, number 2.” The echo of Bob Sheppard’s most famous call has preceded every Derek Jeter home at bat since his first on June 2nd, 1995 against the California Angels. The image is clear: Jeter makes his final preparations on the on-deck circle. He knocks the donut off his bat, [...]

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The Meaning of Sochi

In just over a week, on February 7th, the 22nd Winter Olympics will commence in Sochi, Russia. Much has been said thus far about Sochi and its role in the global debate on human rights, as well as the on-going power struggle between Russia and the United States. Russia is currently one of the world’s [...]

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The Brazilian Dilemma

Last Friday, representatives from the 32 qualifying nations for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil convened in Costa Do Sauipe, Brazil for the 2014 World Cup Draw. The World Cup Draw is the event held by FIFA (world soccer’s governing body) to decide the eight groups of four teams for the upcoming World Cup. Hundreds [...]

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Oh how we hate Ohio State

Wow. Now there was a game to help ease the pain of this uninspiring 7-5 season. We more than held our own against the undefeated Ohio State and almost pulled off what would have been a phenomenally exciting upset. While ultimately that didn't happen, we can at least appreciate how close we came...and how the [...]

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And so it ends: a home loss for Hoke

So it finally happened: our first home loss under Brady Hoke's tenure. We had a great run, really. But now, somehow, watching this season has become an exercise in disbelief. Did we really set our new all-time record for fewest rushing yards in a game--and was that number really negative? Did Devin Gardner really spend [...]

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The Cult of Yost

Yost Ice Arena feels like a different world compared to the awesome immensity of the Big House or the shiny newness of the recently renovated Crisler Arena. You enter through a big wooden door into a chilly old brick building with metal benches and just a few little concession stands. There are some displays of [...]

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Week 10 Pick-ups

  Fantasy Football Waiver Pick-ups Rashad Jennings, RB OAK – What's new? Darren McFadden is hurt again. He re-injured his hamstring in apparently the same spot as a few weeks ago. Wondering how long he'll be out for? The coach says he's day-to-day, but I'd look to Roddy White or Miles Austin for better advice. Both [...]

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Michigan Basketball Preview

    Glenn Robinson - Is he ready to take over the reigns and lead this team back to another Final Four? In my opinion, yes. His game looked drastically improved Tuesday night against Concordia. Granted, yes, it was Concordia, but Robinson was on another level. He was out-jumping everyone on the court enabling himself [...]

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NBA Eastern Conference Preview

    1. Miami Heat - As long as Lebron James is still a member of this team, they will remain on top of this conference.  Maybe Wade is healthier this year?  Maybe Bosh can figure out how to contribute better?  They lost Mike Miller, but they retained Ray Allen.  Additionally, they were able to [...]

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Week 8 Pickups

  Rather than continue spamming you on Facebook, if you're interested in reading what I have to say fill out the contact form at the bottom. Additionally, with all of the injuries this past week in the NFL, I included a few more guys than usual in this week's Waiver Pick-ups. Fantasy Football Waiver Pick-ups [...]

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Week 7 Pickups and More

I'm going to change some things up after reflecting on my first week of blogging. First off, on my Tuesday posts, I'm welcoming any sit/start questions in the comments that I will answer in the blog post at the end of the week. Second, I want to stop spamming people on Facebook to read my [...]

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Great Managing and LCS Predictions

Legendary Dodgers’ manager and Baseball Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda once said, “I believe managing is like holding a dove in your hand. If you hold it too tightly you kill it, but if you hold it too loosely, you lose it.” This week two managerial decisions caught my eye. In the playoffs, with seasons [...]

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