Occupy What?

“CORPORATIONS are people…when Texas EXECUTES ONE!” Incoherent, wide-ranging, and provocative, this slogan painted in red at “Occupy Wall Street” pretty much says it all. To analyze this sign, one would find it paradoxical.

Occupy Wall Street is Coming to a Town Near You

From Moscow to Grand Rapids, cities have begun organizing their own “occupy” demonstrations. There are now over 720 planned or ongoing protests. There’s also an Occupy Detroit event on October 21st, where hundreds, maybe thousands, are expected to occupy Detroit’s Michigan Central Station. Oh, and there was also one in Ann Arbor last night, right on the Diag

Anti-Abortion on Campus

The anti-abortion demonstration on the Diag these past two days has received a great deal of attention and caused quite a buzz on campus…The graphic and obscene display has provoked varying emotions from disgust to anger, from sadness to humility. I want to take the time to work out some of the thoughts I have both heard as well as hold myself.

Angry College Students

I’ve been looking over the Big Picture blog’s recent set of photos of the student protests in Chile. As I’ve come to expect from the Big Picture, it’s a stunning ensemble: Lane Turner, who runs the blog, offers a concise, informative summary paragraph on the topic portrayed and then doles out 20 or 30 clear and striking photos.

Looking in The Mirror

Two weeks before yesterday, Pastor Terry Jones set fire to a copy of the religious text of Islam, the Qur’an. While I do not agree with any of the pastor’s actions or motives, I am also somewhat shocked by the reaction of Afghan civilians who have orchestrated a wave of protests, violent at times, in a response not aimed simply at the Pastor Jones, but to all of the United States.