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The Wolverines Championship Run from an Optimist’s Perspective

Just like every other U of M student, it pains me to recall the end of Michigan’s crushing loss to Louisville in the National Championship. Expectations for our basketball team had never been higher after blowing out South Dakota State and VCU in the first two rounds, riding the thrilling comeback and shot of the year for an overtime [...]

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College Basketball, Irrational Gambling, and the Thrill of March Madness

The NCAA tournament is only one day away!  Like most basketball fans, I couldn’t wait for March Madness to begin when the calendar hit March 1st.  Between bracket filling, money pools, buzzer beaters, and, of course, endless hours of basketball, March Madness is the ultimate sports experience.  But what exactly about the NCAA tournament separates [...]

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Michigan Football: Time to Panic?

Michigan football as of now... Record:  1-1 with a loss to Alabama (14-41) and a win against Air Force (31-25). Alright, maybe that is what was to be expected after two games.  A win against the defending national champions may have been too much to ask, and rightfully so.  Yet, all is not addressed with [...]

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Say it Ain’t So, Trey

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Michigan basketball was ready to be a powerhouse again, with Tim Hardaway Jr., Jordan Morgan, Darius Morris, Zack Novak, Stu Douglass, and incoming freshman Trey Burke.  Of course, Morris ended up unexpectedly declaring for the NBA Draft, leaving Michigan basketball in a state of uncertainty. This is not [...]

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Time for the Madness

It's that time of year again.  The college basketball regular has come to a close, and we have entered the conference championships.  In just three days, Selection Sunday will be upon us, and the brackets will be all ready to go.  Buckle up, the best time of the year is near. Conference Championships This is [...]

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Let the Rivalry Continue

Facebook is overflowed with it.  One cannot look at Twitter without seeing a tweet about it.  Is it immature?  Yeah, maybe.  But that's what makes it so wonderful.  Our social networks (and lives in general) can be engulfed with silly fights that lead us to lose sight of more important aspects of life.  Yet, as [...]

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The College Football Playoff is On Its Way

After the months of completing calculations to a confusing BCS formula (which I am unsure anyone actually understands), we have our BCS National Champion: the Alabama Crimson Tide. Though they won the “National Title,” there were many questions as to whether the Tide won it outright or if the Oklahoma State Cowboys (who also finished [...]

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Hoke vs. The Hokies

After sitting through a pointless 30-minute debate on whether Oklahoma State or Alabama should play for the National Championship against LSU, ESPN finally revealed where our beloved Michigan Wolverines would be playing for a bowl game.  Most of us anticipated playing in the Sugar Bowl but we certainly didn't anticipate the opponent we would be matched [...]

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Playoffs? Yes Please, BCS

Well it looks like most people's predictions have flown out the window and now the college football world is left once again in a confusing mess regarding the BCS system. How is it that one-loss teams like Oklahoma State (who lost this past weekend to unranked Iowa State) are still ranked ahead of an undefeated team in [...]

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Who Will LSU Play Again?

What re-match will we see? The debate to find which one-loss team is the best in the country has now begun. In other words, everyone wants to know which team is going to play against undefeated LSU in the BCS National Championship.  After watching last night’s game between Oregon and Stanford, for me it looks like [...]

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LSU vs Alabama: Classic Game or Classic Letdown?

Touchdown LSU.  Touchdown Alabama.  Wait, that didn't happen...  Instead we saw a game of defense and field goals (mostly missed for Alabama).  That's not to say it was a bad game-- a fan of stingy defense would fall in love with this type of game. However, most college football fans click to the games that [...]

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Will Gholston Be Punished?

It has been tough as a University of Michigan senior watching four years of our football team losing to Michigan State.  It has been even worse knowing that a player at Michigan State acted in an unsportsmanlike way and has not been immediately punished for it. Michigan State defensive end William Gholston in this past weekend's game twisted [...]

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March Madness: You Just Never Know What’s Going to Happen

As Michigan Basketball Coach, John Beilein, recently stated in this Detroit News article, “You just never know what is going to happen.” Although he was referring to the uncertainty in whether or not our beloved Michigan Wolverines would be able to make it into the NCAA tournament, he captured the entire spirit of March Madness in one sentence.

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