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America’s Favorite Serial Killer

What is the best part about Sunday nights? The answer is not cramming for tests, doing a month’s worth of laundry or realizing that the next day is Monday. The correct answer is “Dexter.” (“Homeland” is an acceptable answer as well.) I am hoping this needs no explanation, but just in case you live in [...]

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The Worth of Pursuing Happiness

“What Makes Life Worth Living?” reads the banner installed atop the East Hall atrium, still hanging in belated promotion of the Fall 2010 LSA semester theme. As I sat and pondered the daunting question (while I should have been studying), my mind began to drift to thoughts of what makes my life worth living, and what makes me happy. I [...]

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The Ethics of Child Bearing and Climate Change

Discussions of both climate change and its solutions often entail deliberation on human action and inaction. Evidence clearly indicates human action as the cause of extreme climate change, the worst of which is yet to come, making both past and present human beings responsible. Much has been debated regarding the solution: how best to mitigate [...]

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For Sale

POINT: Prostitution is an inherently immoral and predatory institution. COUNTERPOINT: Sex work can be freely chosen and empowering... decriminalizing prostitution is a step towards a more peaceful, inclusive society.

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Why We Have Children

The act of having a child, while fascinating, is also morally ambiguous. First, one could argue that there are religious doctrine that command those who follow that doctrine to be fruitful and multiply. The problem with this argument is it lacks moral depth and relies more on command and doctrine. Second, one could also argue [...]

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Begging for a Bagel

Yesterday, my roommate and I arose earlier than usual to make our weekly trek to the Alumni Center. Each Wednesday, we partake in every college student’s favorite activity: free food scavenging.

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Troy Davis

Walking through the Diag yesterday, you may have seen a few of your fellow students wearing black and trying to raise awareness about another issue. We may often be saturated with groups raising awareness about many topics, but I think this one deserves a note. Wednesday night at 9:08pm a man named Troy Davis was executed in the state of Georgia.

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The Ethic of Responsibility

Christopher Hitchens made a forceful appeal for US intervention in his Slate column on Monday: Far from being brutalized by four decades of domination by a theatrical madman, the Libyan people appear fairly determined not to sink to his level and to be done with him and his horrible kin. They also seem, at the [...]

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