Gungman Style

You’ve been hired for a new job. It was a pretty typical procedure: send in resume, interview, interview again, possibly interview a third time,…

The Future of Affirmative Action

There is an ongoing war in Michigan on the status of affirmative action in higher education, and a new chapter of this conflict opened on July 1: the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision in support of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (or Proposal 2).

Is Snyder’s Budget Unconstitutional?

Yesterday Governor Synder signed his controversial budget bill into law. It’s interesting to think about the law in relation to Richard Thompson Ford’s Tuesday piece in Slate, in which he argues that the law’s emergency financial manager component is not unconstitutional:

Big Trouble in Michigan

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse than Wisconsin, think again. Right here in our own backyard, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is pushing a budget proposal that would deal a horrific blow to economic and political democracy in our state.