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To Read or Not to Read. That is the Question?

Television was first commercialized in the U.S. in the 1950s. Back then, Americans were enjoying a relative golden era of the country’s history. Americans were riding the post-World War II economic boom, and with the emergence of the automotive industry, the middle class was beckoning. The stereotypes commonly associated with the America of the time [...]

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The Debate and the Media

Oh the debate. Pundits left and right said this could change everything for either candidate. This was huge, and boy was it hyped as such. It could turn the tides for Romney, or reinforce Obama’s overwhelming lead, possibly ending Romney’s campaign. Those seemed to be the only options, and literally minutes after the debate it was clear that one narrative would prevail. “He [...]

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Don’t Be Fooled by Everything You Read

Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about the foolishness of celebrating April Fools Day and we both were stumped when the conversation turned to the origins of the holiday.  After a little researching online, I found out that there isn’t a definitive answer as to how the holiday started.  The most accepted theory is that in [...]

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“We now know a thousand ways not to make the light bulb.”

In the face of the failure of a perspective, Thomas Edison once optimistically said, “we now know a thousand ways not to make the light bulb.” Edison rightly saw these failed perspectives as a cost worth bearing.

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More on Body Image

One of the blogs I check out most consistently is Sociological Images, a site with a sociological but accessible take on everything from pop culture to high politics. One strength is it confronts the ways culture imagines and pictures gender and bodies, and last week's post on women body images is no exception.

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Digital Dualism

Last week I was lucky enough to stumble across Nathan Jurgenson’s great essay Digital Dualism and the Fallacy of Web Objectivity.  Jurgenson defines digital dualism as the belief that the “real” and “digital” worlds are totally separate from each other and operate according to different rules.  He believes this conviction spawns the belief that the web [...]

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Warning: Dangerous Body Image Ideals

Was the womyn in the image above photoshopped? Does it matter? Norway thinks so. Their government is thinking of implementing a policy that forces advertisements using photoshopped images of models presenting unrealistic beauty ideals to contain a warning label. Norway's Equality Minister on the plan: "'We have to reduce the pressure the beauty ideal generates,' [...]

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Lindsay Lohan Must Die?

While the idea of writing about the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan has little to no appeal to me, I was so disheartened by the headline in the Gawker this week, ”To be Successful, Lindsay Lohan Must Die” that I felt obliged to share my thoughts. Now, before completely discrediting the article, I have [...]

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Can We Learn From Kim?

I wanted to address a rather light issue, but I think an important one all the same: Kim Kardishian’s divorce. While the pending divorce seems like a total joke to many reality TV show haters and unbelievably devastating to the reality TV junkies, I find myself caught in between. While I have inevitably watched a few episodes [...]

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The Amanda Knox Syndrome

Why then was it this case that captured so much attention? When do certain events capture the public eye while others are ignored? What is it about the news that makes some stories exciting and others mundane?

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