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The Appeal of Facebook

After reading Consider’s issue on Facebooking and how it affects our mental health last week, I’ve admittedly had lingering questions in the back of my mind every time I click the Facebook bookmark on Google Chrome. I often question why I even still have a Facebook and what purpose it serves in my life. Though [...]

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The Internet: Abstraction and Rationalization

Stealing a painting from an artist who earns their living from selling their work seems clearly morally reprehensible. Yet many young people today have no problem pirating the latest video game release. Is this really a different situation? How and why do people rationalize pirating of movies and software? I think the key lies in [...]

By |November 15th, 2012|All Things Consider|1 Comment

Technologically Advanced and Socially Awkward

The other day I was walking past the Diag and I made the mistake of looking up from my iPod and making eye contact with a girl standing at a table. She smiled at me and then asked me if I had a minute to talk about world peace. Without even listening to the question [...]

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The Brink of Cyber-Warfare

It has become very easy to tell when our nation is under attack; massive devastation occurs leaving many Americans dead.  Two of the most resounding examples have been the attack on Pearl Harbor and the 9/11 attack.  The time has now come to be on guard for a newer and more frightening kind of attack.  [...]

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Ownership, Authorship, and Rights Management

Following up with last week’s post, I thought there was at least one important piece that I left out of the publishing problem.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it: Digital Rights Management (or DRM).  If you haven’t, this term describes a philosophy about copyright as it relates to digital content (rather than traditional physical content), and this [...]

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Want a Free Textbook?

With the beginning of every semester comes the ever-going debate about textbooks.  Should I buy my books?  Online or in store?  Is it worth it to rent my books?  Can I find it from a friend or at the student book exchange? Doing the full research into all of these options is far too complex to really [...]

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The End of TV News?

There’s been a lot of chatter over the past few years about the demise of the book, the newspaper, the magazine, and the CD. Electronic versions of these media formats are on the rise. But what about TV? Obviously online TV has been a big deal. Hulu, Netflix, and less legal forms of streaming TV shows [...]

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Kony 2012: Jason Russell or Joseph Kony?

Kony 2012 was a revolution. Through the medium of the web, namely social-networking, a single 30-minute video was spread, teaching millions of people about the actions of war lord Joseph Kony and the sickening situation occurring in Uganda. Momentarily, the power of the Internet to inspire worldwide change was inarguable: instantaneously, people were learning and “liking” [...]

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Peace in the Middle East: The Power of Memes

The Internet, along with the development of social networks, has had a wide variety of effects on the world we live in. The Internet has provided a type of comprehensive networking which has great downstream affects for academia, allowing the existence of outstanding projects such as psychological research about mental disorders, deciphering structures of vital [...]

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March Madness- More Cinderellas

Each year in the NCAA Tournament brings new upsets and new Cinderella stories for us to fall in love with.  Last year, Virginia Commonwealth made it all the way to the Final Four before being eliminated, and how could anyone forget George Mason in 2006?  Many threw out their brackets after the first day and [...]

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Can the Internet Ever Forget?

On the Internet, hundreds of pieces of information about us are collected and used everyday.  This includes everything from your pictures on Facebook, your e-mails in your Gmail, your credit card information in your Amazon profile, and even your history of the sites you visited.  Much of this information floats around in vast World Wide Web without one [...]

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Online Voting: A Bright Future or Inevitable Disaster?

In light of the recent spam University of Michigan students received in their inboxes, it brought back to mind the question of just how secure the realm of the Internet truly is. In a world where we rely so heavily on the Internet and online applications, it is difficult for me to reconcile its extreme benefits [...]

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Anonymous Internet War?

Last week, the federal government shut down the file-sharing website MegaUpload. During this shut down, they arrested several high-ranking executives of the website. There were claims that MegaUpload was illegally sharing copyrighted material, costing the music and film industry about half a billion dollars and profiting $175 million. In retaliation, the hacker group Anonymous responded [...]

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Will Digital Badges Have Value?

As a member of LinkedIn, a professional social networking site, I receive weekly emails with links to interesting and relevant articles in the business and education sectors. This morning, I was interested by one in particular written in The Chronicle. If you follow any news regarding higher education, you're likely to have heard of MIT's [...]

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Internet on Strike

Tomorrow, Jan 19th, some sites on the World Wide Web will shut down to protest PIPA, the reincarnation of SOPA. SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act (H.R. 3261 ) written by Representative Lamar Smith and several other Congressmen.  The blackout is meant to both protest the legislation and to simulate the possibility of the U.S. government [...]

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