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Obama’s Budget

President Obama’s 2013 budget, released two days ago, is a bold Keynesian step toward economic growth and a new Warren-Buffett-approved tax code. In other words, it’s never going to pass. The budget would raise an extra $1.5 trillion in revenues by increasing taxes on the top 1% - 2%. It contains most of the $350 billion of [...]

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Can We Make Our Infrastructure Smarter?

In a recent post, GOOD magazine’s website assesses the energy savings of introducing smart-grid technology to our energy grid, but the post and the study it cites fail to address the larger issues of America's ailing energy infrastructure.  According to the American Society of Civil Engineers 2009 Energy Infrastructure report card, the U.S. received a [...]

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The Electrical Grid Has A Built-In Defense Against Terrorism

Via io9, it seems that the nation's electrical grid is partially protected from terrorist attack, according to a new study: The US government worries that terrorists could take down the country's electrical grid just by hitting a small node in the system. But a new study reveals the grid is too unreliable for that kind of [...]

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Why Aren’t More People Talking About Infrastructure?

As you may have noticed, a lot of American infrastructure pretty, well…subpar.  As Matthew Yglesias puts it, “This country does not suffer from a shortage of potholes, cracked sidewalks, or other minor problems that tend to not get fixed in a timely manner because of lack of money.”  And beyond repairs, we’re also severely lacking [...]

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