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Getting Busy?

Monday afternoon, ten minutes after finishing my blog post in response to the buzzing Michigan Daily article Busy: Fulfillment Without Commitment at the University, I sat down at my desk at the Michigan Daily for my shift as copy desk editor. Yes, I work for the publication I was critiquing. Free speech, people. As I turned on [...]

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A Brother’s Response

It is possible to have a short, exciting, respectful, pleasurable, and enjoyable sexual experience without being manipulative. But, the thought I had while reading your letter was that you seem to have spent a lot of time talking about what I, as a male, but have spent little time addressing how to improve our actions.

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Teen Sex Facts Made Easy

With the last few posts about the recent election, I’d like to share some information on a lighter note.  GOOD is an online and print magazine launched a few years ago that provides content to encourage people to “live well and do good.” They present information about our society in an aesthetically pleasing way, catching [...]

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New Anti-homophobia Campaign Hits New York

Though I can try to describe the I Love Boo anti-homophobia campaign, I fear any attempt would plainly pale in the comparison of Kai Wright’s description: One of the smartest, most compelling public health campaigns around took off in a big way this month: The “I Love My Boo” series by Gay Men’s Health Crisis, which originally took on sexual health among black and Latino men but has been broadened into an anti-homophobia campaign, too. The idea is as simple as it is revolutionary: Promote loving, healthy relationships rather than preach about disease, and the rest will follow. The campaign’s been around in New York City for a couple of years, but this month it expanded, with posters running on 1,000 subway cars over the month. The visuals are unprecedented: black and Latino men in tender, loving and unapologetically physical embrace of one another. Watch the video explainer above, or check out the campaign’s Facebook page to see the posters—and to upload your own pic of loving your boo. I think what’s also really important about the ILMB campaign is that it features gay minorities. I can only speak through personal experience about this but most of the time when I see anti-homophobia campaign posters and the like, they feature Caucasians. I think this inadvertently stereotypes whites as the only people who are gay and discourages minorities from coming out. The truth though is that gay people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One of the best features of the ILMB campaign is that it helps make that fact common knowledge. –Daniel Strauss […]

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