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Things to do in A2: December Edition

As I sit down to write this post, I realize that my audience may be fairly limited, since aside from final exams and sleep (or lack thereof), there isn’t much else on students’ agendas for the rest of the semester. That being said, all of us should (and need to) take a break in between [...]

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Too Much Turkey?

I don’t think that I can look at food ever again. This year my family attended two Thanksgiving dinners and munched on miles of leftovers.  I got all of the green bean casserole I could have ever dreamed of.  One strange thing is I don’t care that much for turkey.  Being that turkey is a [...]

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Winter Is Coming!

Hey guys, so winter is coming up. And it’s going to be cold.  I’m really sorry to break this news to you but everyone seems to be in denial until one day it's snowing outside and the wind makes you wish facemasks were trendy and girls realize leggings aren’t a legitimate form of pants. What [...]

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Don’t Be Fooled by Everything You Read

Yesterday, a friend and I were talking about the foolishness of celebrating April Fools Day and we both were stumped when the conversation turned to the origins of the holiday.  After a little researching online, I found out that there isn’t a definitive answer as to how the holiday started.  The most accepted theory is that in [...]

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O’Green Day

As presented in this week’s issue of Consider, St. Patrick’s Day has sparked controversy concerning, both, its heritage and its exploitation of a traditional holiday. Well, now an elementary school in Massachusetts has presented a new complaint on the holiday tradition. Lisa Curtin, the principal of the Soule Road School in Wilbraham, Massachusetts decided to change [...]

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From Spooky to Unsafe

A couple of days ago, a friend and I took great pleasure and amusement in reminiscing on favorite family Halloween traditions. [...] However, Halloween is not without its fair share of gloom (in more ways than one).

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