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Part 2: Implication of International Law on Drug Patents

Resuming where we left off last week: India is the largest provider of cheap, lifesaving medicines in poor countries across the globe and its supreme Court is currently facing a case that could alter that situation. In addition to the ethical discussion that balances competing values of access to affordable and needed health care and honoring intellectual [...]

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Birth Control is a Right, not a Religious Controversy

Recently President Obama and Democrats in Congress have met much controversy over a proposal to broaden the exemption from new rules that require health insurance plans to cover contraceptives for women free of charge. After protests by Roman Catholic bishops, charities, schools and universities, the White House is considering a change that would grant a broad exemption to health plans [...]

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Domestic Partnerships and U of M

(Andries Coetzee, a UM linguistics professor and his partner of seven years, Gary Woodall) Michigan, along with many other debt-ridden states across the country, is seeking to drastically cut spending. Since assuming office in 2011, Governor Rick Snyder has launched a swift and vicious series of spending cuts with the support of Republican majorities in [...]

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Protect Life Act

When news broke that the House passed the Protect Life Act, I nearly spit up the sixteen Oreos in my mouth (double-stuffed,  of course). Had Congress really taken a pro-human stance? Done something to help people? I didn’t even know they had come back from that at Chateau de Cheney – where happiness is a [...]

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Redefining Success

Everybody likes a strong economy and everything it entails: full employment, higher wages and salaries, better benefits, more innovation, and so on. And just about everyone agrees that the current economy pretty much sucks. So how do we get from where we are back to economic health?

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Free to Die

The Reganism of the 1980's saw a political turn to the right. Economist Milton Friedman endorsed this change in the 1980's with the famous TV series “Free to Choose.” Paul Krugman, in his editorial in the New York Times on Friday, argued that “Free to Choose” is really a platitude for “Free to Die."

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The Marijuana Issue

Should medicinal marijuana be allowed on UM property?

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