Don’t Call It a Fat Tax

In his post yesterday, Kelly Brownell of TIME Magazine revived an old idea: tax soda. Various states and cities, he says, are considering leveling such a tax against sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs). Besides discouraging the consumption of unhealthful beverages, the economic benefits of such a tax, says Bronwell, would be significant.

When is a Person a “Person”?

…during the state ballot on November 9th, Mississippi voters will be determining whether or not personhood officially starts at conception, a hot debate for well over 40 years. Let’s just say I have a lot to dish out about this topic.

Art that Heals

Being a huge supporter of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, I was thrilled to learn that the new Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital will be opening this November with an outstanding collection of 241 individual art pieces.

The Politics of Fat

There are two lovely posts that cropped up last week defending NJ Governor Chris Christie from attacks on his girth: Jonathan Chait’s Chris Christie is Fat. So What? in New York Magazine and Frank Bruni’s The Round and the Oval in the New York Times…

Florida Gun Law

This past Wednesday, US federal court blocked a Florida law that sought to limit doctors’ ability to question patients about their personal gun possession. District Judge Marcia Cooke argued that the law violated the US Constitution’s First Amendment’s free speech protections. This case presents an interesting contrast of ethics and constitutional law.

Meat and Masculinity

Matt Goulding, the Food Nutrition Editor at Men’s Health and author of Eat This, Not That, recently took on a challenge to eat as a vegetarian for a month. The goal of his meat-free month was to develop a new relationship with vegetables, in the name of health.

Free to Die

The Reganism of the 1980’s saw a political turn to the right. Economist Milton Friedman endorsed this change in the 1980’s with the famous TV series “Free to Choose.” Paul Krugman, in his editorial in the New York Times on Friday, argued that “Free to Choose” is really a platitude for “Free to Die.”