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My Ann Arbor Wish List

If you ask me, Ann Arbor is pretty much the perfect college town. It's busy, quaint, fun, quirky, and big enough to have stuff to do but small enough that it all feels accessible. There's something for everyone: a great restaurant scene, first-rate athletic facilities and winning teams, some picturesque natural places like the Arb [...]

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Like Potbelly? So does the stock market

A few weeks ago, Potbelly Corporation (PBPB) IPOed on the Nasdaq. The initial offering price, or the price that bankers judged the shares to be worth prior to becoming available to the public, was $14 per share. However, once the stock hit the open markets, the share price jumped 130%, closing the day at roughly [...]

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Merits of Organic-Worth the Cost?

We all have that one friend who refuses to put a crumb of processed food in their mouth. God forbid any GMOs, preservatives, or artificial flavors enter their system-it all must be organic. They also probably drive a Prius, have experimented with going gluten-free for funsies, are a platinum member at Whole Foods, and carry [...]

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Why There Can be No Chick-fil-A in AA

To the frustration of many students here at the University of Michigan, the popular fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A is absent from campus. In fact, Chick-fil-A is absent from nearly the entire state of Michigan. There is one “Licensed, Non-Traditional” Chick-fil-A located within the food court of Oakland University, but does that even count? Starting within [...]

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Mac & Cheese Week

Those of you who frequent the campus dining halls may have seen the latest special that U of M dining services is offering: Mac & Cheese Week.  When I first heard about this, I was overcome with excitement and anticipation.  Mac & cheese was a childhood favorite of mine and has since been an indulgence that [...]

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Too Much Turkey?

I don’t think that I can look at food ever again. This year my family attended two Thanksgiving dinners and munched on miles of leftovers.  I got all of the green bean casserole I could have ever dreamed of.  One strange thing is I don’t care that much for turkey.  Being that turkey is a [...]

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Halloween Edition: Where to Eat this Week

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday and in an effort to experience more Main Street restaurants, my friends and I decided to take a break from our work on Sunday night and drink and dine at the Jolly Pumpkin Brewery and Café. We were pleasantly surprised by the restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere as [...]

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Curbing the Rising Obesity Rate, One Soda At a Time

Over the past few years, American society has put a focus on making healthier choices.  The rising obesity rate has many people concerned about the health of Americans. Recently, McDonalds has begun displaying the calorie counts of each item on the menus.  The goal is for consumers to think about what they’re buying. Many people blame [...]

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Addicted to Food?

Well, finals are right around the corner.  As you wander through the library stacks looking for a seat of your own, you find me with my nose plastered to my textbook and my hand robotically cramming food into my mouth.  I don’t know what it is, but something about studying makes me so hungry all of the [...]

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Carnivorous Thoughts III

The third objection I will seek to define and process is that of an environmentalist standpoint. The empirical proof is undeniable: the current meat industry’s practices have extremely detrimental effects on the environment. Factory farming, for example, plays a huge role in deforestation, soil erosion, water scarcity, global warming, fossil fuel depletion, and decrease in [...]

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Carnivorous Thoughts, Part II

Part II of my thoughts on being vegetarian features an exploration of the argument against suffering. Foer provides extensive evidence regarding the suffering that animals endure in the meat industry: chickens formulated to grow so quickly and to such large sizes that they often break their legs, veal that is kept in tiny pens to [...]

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Carnivorous Thoughts, Part I

I recently read “Eating Animals”, a beautifully written narrative by Jonathan Safron Foer in which he engages in a pseudo-investigative journalist quest to discover the origins of the majority of the meat we eat in the US and the functions and methods of the factory farming industry. Inspired by becoming a father, he explores the [...]

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Slave Labor: Are Chipotle and Trader Joe’s really selling “Food with Integrity?”

In Immokalee, Florida, the per capita income is only $9,700 per year; half of the town's population lives below the federal poverty line. Accusations of slave labor have been made as farmers are charged with holding people against their will, forcing them to work, beating or killing them if they tried to escape...

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Don’t Call It a Fat Tax

In his post yesterday, Kelly Brownell of TIME Magazine revived an old idea: tax soda. Various states and cities, he says, are considering leveling such a tax against sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs). Besides discouraging the consumption of unhealthful beverages, the economic benefits of such a tax, says Bronwell, would be significant.

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Eat Mor Chikin

I am enrolled in Bio 101: Food Energy and the Environment and recently, we watched Food Inc. This documentary turned me vegetarian for two weeks after first seeing it in high school, and a slightly less substantial two days in college.

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