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Awkward Encounters

I was walking up the stairs the other day on my way back from class when it hit me.  No, I’m not talking about a million-dollar idea (although I wish I was). I’m talking about a friend of mine. We’ll call him Joe for journalistic purposes.  There are many things more awkward than running into someone you know on [...]

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Is it Time to Abandon the One-Child Policy?

I have recently read two articles that explain the history and current status of the One-Child Policy and other birth control policies, one by Wang Feng and the other written for The New England Journal of Medicine.  These articles are very similar in terms of their presentation of the arguments as well as their evident [...]

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Why We Have Children

The act of having a child, while fascinating, is also morally ambiguous. First, one could argue that there are religious doctrine that command those who follow that doctrine to be fruitful and multiply. The problem with this argument is it lacks moral depth and relies more on command and doctrine. Second, one could also argue [...]

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