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Liftoff (12.5.11)

Facing the dignity test: Paul and Huntsman refuses to attend presidential primary debate moderated by Donald Trump A drug that wakes up the near dead Record jump in emissions in 2010, study finds Hot on the trail of a ‘just right’ far-off planet U.S. urges creativity by colleges to gain diversity Women in government, help a [...]

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Want to Frack?

In addition to providing many environmental activists with a creative play on the f-word, fracking (short for hydrofracking, which in turn is short for hydraulic fracturing) is the hot new way to extract resources and has the potential to provide jobs and economic stability to many beleaguered areas of the country, all the while threatening the water [...]

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In Consider’s most recent release, the issue of how we should address the environmental degradation caused by our consumptive society was raised. I played a large role in putting the issue together, but in hindsight, I believe it may slightly have missed the mark. Before we can take on that discussion, a fundamental question needs to be answered first: Why should we protect the environment?

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Only Green People Want to Save

The “Green Revolution” of the early 2000's seems to have fizzled and died a slow death. Yet, the very serious environmental issues persist. I think that this decline in zeal has to do with the fact the environmental language was plagued with attached preconceptions due to overuse. For instance, “saving the environment” was so pervasive [...]

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Ozone Today: Can’t Breathe Easy Just Yet

Though you may have been doing your part in being an actively green citizen, these days it might seem like that's not enough. Dr. Olaf Morgenstern, scientist in New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, claims “there is no sign of the ozone hole shrinking nor is there any significant recovery just yet.” [...]

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