Hyper-long Art

What is the longest period of time you’ve spent with a single piece of art? Maybe you’ve sat through a lengthy movie, play, opera or dance recital, or maybe you listened to an album in its entirety or stood transfixed by a painting for hours. The length of our experiences with art is not something I ever considered before reading Mike Barthel’s piece for the Atlantic on hyper-long art.

The NBA Lockout

Does anyone really care that the NBA season had its first two weeks cancelled? The NBA has been in a lockout for 105 days now and the lockout has gone by virtually un-noticed. When the two-week cancellation of games came out on Monday, most looked past it and continued watching the Lions win on Monday Night Football.

Detroit Lions Take Us Back to 1956

The stadium at Ford Field was rocking like never before. As Matthew Stafford said, the stadium was “electric”. As I sat in my seat in Ford Field during the Monday Night Football game, I realized just how important this game was. Not only was it special as a football game, but it was special for the city of Detroit.