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The Truth About Gender Stereotypes: Frappuccinos, Cappucinos, and Men

In my fairy tale, Prince Charming is quite the man. I can see him, sweeping me off my feet: chiseled, handsome, complete with pick-up lines and Aviators. I want a man who plays pool like a shark and puffs cigars like a chimney and shoots whiskey like a first-rate Chicago mobster. Ladies, please — I’m [...]

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Adderall for All?

Adderall for all and all on "Addy?" Now that's a frightening thought. Over the past several years, the use of Adderall and other ADHD prescription drugs for performance enhancement has skyrocketed among college students. After years of trending “fun drugs” (speed and crack to name a few), there is now a new trend that is [...]

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Farewell, Mary Sue

Mary Sue is leaving us, guys. I know it's hard, but you have to accept it. Or, at least, you have to once you decide it's really not feasible to graduate early just so you can have her speak at your graduation (which I definitely didn't consider doing. At least, not seriously). Mary Sue was [...]

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Ain’t too proud to beg: lessons about fundraising

Want to hear something awesome? My Organizational Studies class raised more than $22,200 for the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit this week. Yes, that's right, this week: we had exactly seven days to raise as much money as we possibly could. Not exactly the easiest homework assignment...I'm frankly astonished that we were able to raise [...]

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The Wolverines take Sochi: Wherever you go, Go Blue

This week, it feels like just walking to class involves training for the Winter Olympics: if you can make it through the icy floods and endure the thundersnow, you probably deserve a medal. (I know I would get at least a bronze if Slipping and Falling Comically was an event). On the other side of [...]

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Quirky sights in Ann Arbor: here be monsters

Want to get the Arbor Brewing Company to make a specialty beer in your honor? All you have to do is become a well-loved local celebrity. So start developing your mad musical talent and get your gimmick ready because the sky is the limit. I'm talking about the Violin Monster of course. This werewolf violinist [...]

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My Ann Arbor Wish List

If you ask me, Ann Arbor is pretty much the perfect college town. It's busy, quaint, fun, quirky, and big enough to have stuff to do but small enough that it all feels accessible. There's something for everyone: a great restaurant scene, first-rate athletic facilities and winning teams, some picturesque natural places like the Arb [...]

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Justice in the Brendan Gibbons case?

Anyone who follows our football team was most likely aware that starting kicker Brendan Gibbons missed the last few games of the 2013 season under, shall we say, mysterious circumstances. According to Coach Hoke, a vague-sounding muscle injury kept him out of the Ohio State game and a "family matter" in Florida yanked him out [...]

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Passing the torch: Schlissel spun the cube!

I guess he can stay. Torches are being passed in frigid temperatures all over the world this month: both for the winter Olympics in Sochi and for our university's leadership. The Board of Regents announced last week that Mark Schlissel, current provost of Brown University, has been hired to succeed Mary Sue Coleman as President [...]

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This is not a misleading title (Or, BBUM and ethics in journalism)

This is just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood English major that the words we choose really do matter because they always have consequences. I know it's easy to dismiss those kind of concerns as "just semantics"...and sure, nitpicking over word choice can be irritating and a real pain.  But sometimes words can cause real [...]

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Back into the Vortex

So maybe you've noticed that it's been a little colder than usual this winter. It's been so cold, in fact, that even polar bears can't stand it (I don't blame you, dude). Walking around on campus, especially through that horrendous wind tunnel between the art museum and the Angell/Mason/Tisch/Haven complex, feels like a leisurely hike [...]

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The moment we became Victors

Over break, the university sent out the first round of admissions decisions to a batch of Wolverine hopefuls. Of course, unfortunately, the news wasn't happy for everyone. But for a whole bunch of bright, talented high school seniors, this is just the beginning of what may be the best four years of their lives. Two [...]

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Things to do in A2: January edition

Welcome back and welcome to a new year, everyone! Getting back here may have been rough, and for a few days last week Antarctica was more hospitable than the Diag, but now (luckily) we're back to just regular January cold. Perfect conditions for a new term with plenty of things to do! Here's a look [...]

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I’ll stop procrastinating…tomorrow

Procrastination is the subject of this blog, and also my life. I know I'm not the only one. And right now, around finals time, is when all of us of the procrastinating breed would give anything to be able to go back in time and not make the choices that we always make. (Even though, [...]

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Things to do in A2: December edition

This is going to be a short one, because let's face it, we're all busy with finals. If you really have time to do anything else between now and break, I'm impressed. Still, it's always great to take a study break! So aside from the obvious answer (cram!), what can you do here in December? [...]

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