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I flat out love Ingrid Michaelson’s music.  She brings quirk, passion, and talent to indie pop music, and she also knows how to make really soothing ballads.  She is known for driving piano parts and incorporating the unique sound of a ukele into her songs.  Her songs have become popular worldwide, including “The Chain,” “Breakable,” “Turn to Stone,” “You and I,” and “Be OK.” However, it does seem that she is a bit unknown.  I’m hoping this changes after her new album, “Human Again,” is listened to.  The album was just released two days ago, and I bought the album and listened to each track a couple times to provide a thorough review for you guys.  Hope you enjoy!

Track 1:  Fire (10/10):  I can tell.  This will be the most popular song in the entire album.  It is purely pop driven, but finds a way to incorporate some cool string instruments while keeping your foot tapping with a constant catchy rhythm.  This song is a must-have.

Track 2:  This Is War (9/10):  I love the ukelele sound that Ingrid Michaelson has found a way to incorporate in past songs such as “You And I.”  This song possesses this sound, and it makes for a quirky song with heavy passion.

Track 3:  Do It Now (8/10):  I’m a really big fan of the synth and string intro, and Ingrid’s voice reaches a multitude of ranges.  The song may lack that catchy feeling, but is a solid song altogether.

Track 4:  I’m Through (10/10):  This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  No, it isn’t a song to sing and dance and tap your foot too.  But this song has the most passion and meaning, with the strings, piano, lyrics, and soothing vocals making this song a must listen…especially if you’re looking to take a break and just close your eyes and relax.

Track 5:  Blood Brothers (10/10):  From the first strum of the guitar in this track, I knew that I would love this song.  Everything about this track just seems to work; the instruments come together really well, and she sounds fantastic in this one with perfectly formed harmonies.

Track 6:  Black and Blue (6/10):  This song is alright, but it isn’t one of my favorites.  It has a different, sort-of-groovy kind of vibe to it, and it works.  However,  it isn’t one of the standout tracks.

Track 7:  Ribbons (9/10):  I love what this song is all about.  The line:  “wrapped me up in ribbons and went for the door” is an awesome picture for the listener, and the soft guitar intro with soothing vocal harmonies is a perfect way to start the song and capture attention.  It captured mine.

Track 8:  How We Love (8/10):  This is a classic chill song, with a soft guitar part and pretty consistent vocal path.  This is a really nice song, and a great listen overall.

Track 9:  Palm of Your Hand (8/10):  This song has this sort of motivated feel to it.  I love the driving drum bass part, and the line:  “You make me wanna be human again” helps to incorporate the idea of the album and is a cool thought for listeners.

Track 10:  Ghost (9/10):  This is a really solid song with its tempo changes.  It helps to add emotion to the song and create some variety.  Again, the piano and the strings are perfect instrumentals for the track.

Track 11:  In the Sea (5/10):  I’m not a big fan of this song.  I found myself not listening to the whole track, and while I see the intention behind it, this one is not a must listen.

Track 12:  Keep Warm (8/10):  The song has a feel from an earlier era, but there is something that I really like about it that I just can’t put my finger on. Simplicity, maybe?  The line:  “you are mine to keep warm” is very relatable and interesting for listeners.

Track 13:  End of the World (9/10):  This song feels like classic Ingrid Michaelson.  It has a lot of emotion, and is suspenseful in its nature.  This track is definitely one to listen to.

Track 14:  Save Me (Bonus Track) (6/10):  This song is just alright.  It has this country twang to it, but it doesn’t quite work for me.  It’s not what I would expect from an Ingrid Michaelson album, so it seems out of place.

Track 15:  Always You (Bonus Track) (8/10):  This song is really nice.  It is stripped down with just Ingrid Michaelson’s wandering vocal range and soft piano.  This makes for a great listen–one to just sit back and relax to.

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By: Brandon Klein

(Photo courtesy of iTunes)