Naomi Scheinerman

From Spooky to Unsafe

A couple of days ago, a friend and I took great pleasure and amusement in reminiscing on favorite family Halloween traditions. [...] However, Halloween is not without its fair share of gloom (in more ways than one).

The Real Truth of Truth and Reality

I was recently marked down on a paper for using the term “reality” instead of “truth.” The point here is not to complain about losing points but search for the practical implications of the differences and similarities between these two terms as I ponder how to approach this subject with my GSI.

The Ugly Face of Anonymity

I often read Michigan Daily opinion pieces and also tend to peek at the comments people leave. I find that most of the opinion pieces are coherent, intelligent, and well founded. Most comments, on the other hand, are quite the opposite: uninformed, inaccurate, and simpleminded. But much worse is they are downright offensive, derogatory, and ignominious.

Anti-Abortion on Campus

The anti-abortion demonstration on the Diag these past two days has received a great deal of attention and caused quite a buzz on campus…The graphic and obscene display has provoked varying emotions from disgust to anger, from sadness to humility. I want to take the time to work out some of the thoughts I have both heard as well as hold myself.