Matt Friedrichs

Detroit’s M-1 Line

Finally, a serious conversation about bring some public transportation back to Detroit.  On July 18th, the US transportation secretary announced that the department had cleared the Detroit M-1…


Kill-a-Watt, a new student program to encourage energy reduction in the residents hall does just that. Starting just this past Wednesday (Oct. 19th) Kill-a-Watt is a month long energy reduction competition between 9 residence halls here on campus.

A Brother’s Response

It is possible to have a short, exciting, respectful, pleasurable, and enjoyable sexual experience without being manipulative. But, the thought I had while reading your letter was that you seem to have spent a lot of time talking about what I, as a male, but have spent little time addressing how to improve our actions.

Troy Davis

Walking through the Diag yesterday, you may have seen a few of your fellow students wearing black and trying to raise awareness about another issue. We may often be saturated with groups raising awareness about many topics, but I think this one deserves a note. Wednesday night at 9:08pm a man named Troy Davis was executed in the state of Georgia.


Sometime long ago, it was my intention to start off my blog writing for this semester by making our readers aware of a community on that truly lives on the edge of acceptable human conditions but lies only 45 minutes away from campus. I forgot about it at first, but now I will take a little time to tell you about Delray.


As the 2011-2012 academic year has come rolling into Ann Arbor I have been struck and disappointed by the overcrowding of my classes. Sure, my particular concentration has been growing in popularity, but that is no excuse for a failure to provide adequate academic facilities.


In Consider’s most recent release, the issue of how we should address the environmental degradation caused by our consumptive society was raised. I played a large role in putting the issue together, but in hindsight, I believe it may slightly have missed the mark. Before we can take on that discussion, a fundamental question needs to be answered first: Why should we protect the environment?

Looking in The Mirror

Two weeks before yesterday, Pastor Terry Jones set fire to a copy of the religious text of Islam, the Qur’an. While I do not agree with any of the pastor’s actions or motives, I am also somewhat shocked by the reaction of Afghan civilians who have orchestrated a wave of protests, violent at times, in a response not aimed simply at the Pastor Jones, but to all of the United States.