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Harry Potter and the Real World

Rachel Beeler is an English and Psychology major at the University of Michigan who plans on entering the medical field after graduation. The end of the road is near, and the long, dreaded goodbye to the wizarding world we all fell in love with has begun. The seventh and final novel of the beloved Harry Potter fantasy series [...]

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Last week MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, one of the network's most outspokenly liberal commentators, was suspended* after Politico broke the news that Olbermann had donated money to a number of Democratic campaigns. MSNBC's policy is that journalists like Olbermann have to first ask permission before donating to campaigns because, well, apparently it's okay for journalists to make political contributions [...]

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The week's best links (and some from last week, too) that we didn't get to: 1. The Space Shuttle was launched on its final journey yesterday. 2. Martha Nussbaum is making a case for the humanities. 3. What kind of cities do Americans want to live in? 4. The Chinese census is a monumental task. 5. Social [...]

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The Complexities of the Pot Legalization Debate

Andrew Sullivan argues that marijuana should be legal because it's a product of nature: My view - regardless of the arguments back and forth about the effects of marijuana - is simply that it is absurd for any government to prevent people from growing a naturally-occurring plant that requires no processing to provide humans with pleasure. [...]

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The Four Loko Ban Actually Makes Sense

I call this blogging destiny. Last night the girlfriend and I came across a can of Four Loko on the street. I'd never heard of it before, but I'm boring like that. Four Loko is an energy drink that has a lot of caffeine and a lot of alcohol. So much of so, in fact, that it's [...]

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Why Did The Dems Lose Big?

One of the trending explanations on the liberal blogs today is that the reason Democrats lost bigtime last night is because young voters (who generally vote for Democrats more than Republicans) didn't turn out to vote. That's a logical enough explanation. Consider this graph at Jonathan Cohn's blog: But the truth is, historically, young voters don't turnout [...]

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Voting Station Aesthetics

Over at TPM reader KS send in a this picture and anecdote of a voting station in Kenosha, Wisconsin: I've voted in 8 different cities in 5 states, and by far the most beautiful polling place I have been assigned is the Southport Beachhouse, in Kenosha, WI (see attached). It's a WPA-era, Art Deco-esque park [...]

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Is Online Voting a Good Idea?

No matter how intent a person is on exercising his or her civic duty, the actual process of voting is cumbersome and inconvenient. Driving to the polls, waiting in line, losing  precious hours of work time, is hardly the image of patriotic zeal. In addition, despite some notable elections such as the 2000 Presidential campaign in Florida, most individual [...]

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A History of Incivility

Via Dave Weigel (a blog that's quickly becoming my favorite) here's a video that puts this year's negative campaign ads in perspective: In fact, there's a kernel of truth to this. Presidential campaigns have historically been rather brutal, particularly the election of 1800 between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson depicted in the video. Obviously there were no TV [...]

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The week's best links that we didn't get to: 1. China has built the world's fastest supercomputer. 2. Got a bug problem?  Try the tiny pie catapult. 3. The radio shows you should be listening to. 4. Should we ditch the corporate income tax? 5. If you're worried that you're an elite, you can take this quiz [...]

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Addicted to Procrastination

Since I've gotten to college I've taken my procrastination to next level. Because my earliest class starts at 11:00 am I have developed a mind set that I don’t need to get my work done the night before and can always wake up early to  get everything done. While this has technically worked so far, I hate [...]

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Don’t Lose Those Curves, Christina

Last night my girlfriend and I got into a rigorous discussion over this post, which basically reports that Christina Hendricks isn't actually going on a diet. "So what?" Michelle, my girlfriend, asked. Her argument was that it was really news fluff. I disagreed.* I think it's actually pretty important whether Christina Hendricks is going on [...]

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Thoughts on It Gets Better

I haven't been paying too much attention to the It Gets Better campaign, but I like the idea, and I like that the campaign is expanding to bullying in general. For those who don't know, the basic idea is that public personalities make a youtube video directed at people who are being ostracized for being [...]

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As usual, cool links for your enjoyment: 1. Were computers the greatest tech development of the 20th century? 2. Big ideas from small countries 3. The obsolescence of the Monroe Doctrine 4. Misinformation in Virginia textbooks 5. What do we do when North Korea collapses? 6. Really cool pictures of really small things 7. Explaining [...]

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Jon Stewart, Political Gatekeeper

I think it's becoming the norm that every chance I have to write about the broader role Jon Stewart plays in the intersection of media and politics I take. Consider here and here. Or maybe the I just wish I had enough money to go to the upcoming Rally for Sanity. Anyway, so White House [...]

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