Aaron Bekemeyer

Seeking Better Business

No longer is there a zero-sum competition between working conditions and benefits and the goals of the firm. Workers can establish humane conditions and payment for themselves, but since they’re also directly responsible for the success of their company, they have a strong incentive to manage it well and, among other things, maximize profits.


The week’s best links that we didn’t get to: 1. My colleague Leslie Horwitz wrote earlier this week about Wisconsin Republicans’ FOIA requests for…

Lack of Diversity at Elite Institutions

In many ways, universities are the educational institutions that have done the best job of combating social inequalities. But as Leonhardt points out, the nation’s finest institutions are still lagging in bringing lower income students into the fold and providing them with an education they deserve. Not only is this unjust, but it’s also stupid.


The week’s best links that we didn’t get to: 1. Governor Snyder’s popularity has plummeted among Michigan voters. 2. Is Obama’s decision to involve…

Is Snyder’s Budget Unconstitutional?

Yesterday Governor Synder signed his controversial budget bill into law. It’s interesting to think about the law in relation to Richard Thompson Ford’s Tuesday piece in Slate, in which he argues that the law’s emergency financial manager component is not unconstitutional:

Big Trouble in Michigan

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse than Wisconsin, think again. Right here in our own backyard, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is pushing a budget proposal that would deal a horrific blow to economic and political democracy in our state.