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The Future of College Tuition

My colleague Lauren Opatowski wrote a great post yesterday on how strategically UM is spending its money.  She concludes that while fancy new buildings like North Quad are lovely, the University should focus less on these frills and more on funding programs that satisfy more concrete, urgent student needs: “Now, I wouldn’t have complaints about the $175 [...]

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What Does It Mean to Occupy?

Occupations generally aren’t popular among the folks being occupied, and in general it seems better to avoid occupying someplace when you can. So why did the protestors choose this negatively charged word to name themselves?

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Don’t Call It a Fat Tax

In his post yesterday, Kelly Brownell of TIME Magazine revived an old idea: tax soda. Various states and cities, he says, are considering leveling such a tax against sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs). Besides discouraging the consumption of unhealthful beverages, the economic benefits of such a tax, says Bronwell, would be significant.

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Endpoint (10.21.11)

The week's best links that we didn't get to: 1. Would J.R.R. Tolkien have occupied Wall Street? 2. OWS is holding a Family Sleep Over tonight. 3. Photos of the return of Gilad Shalit 4. Yglesias on the especially nasty long-term effects of student loans 5. Kevin Drum thinks sending a few US troops to fight Ugandan rebels isn't such a [...]

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Are Optimists Healthier?

One of UM’s most famous faculty members is Christopher Peterson, a psychology professor who’s most famous as the co-founder of positive psychology.  Positive psych is essentially a branch of psychology that wants to understand human happiness and thriving, but it’s an umbrella term that covers many different topics. A good introduction to this topic is [...]

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What Comes Next?

Monday marked the one-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street: for over four weeks, a fluctuating but solid number of protestors have camped out in Zuccotti Square to voice their political frustrations, concerns, and demands.  It has been, in my opinion, a remarkable and beautiful movement.  It’s the first time in a long time that Americans have ceased to be [...]

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Wolverines Ranked the Leaders and the Best—In The World

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to my fellow Wolverines, but US News and World Report has just released their rankings of the top 400 world universities, and UM is both #14 overall and #1 among public universities.

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Sex and Revolution

[The English Civil War era] is a fascinating period, but one of the things I was most surprised to learn is that many women felt more important or empowered when the king ruled than during the brief life of the anti-royalist English Republic. ...This isn’t just a historical anomaly, either. As Melanie Butler reports at Alternet, media reports of Occupy Wall Street portray the occupiers disproportionately as men, while both men and women (of various genders and sexualities, I should add) are involved.

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Endpoint (10.14.11)

The week's best links that we didn't get to: 1. The Occupy movement has arrived in Lansing and Grand Rapids. 2. Eli Lehrer at FrumForum is skeptical that Occupy Wall Street is the Tea Party of the Left.  Revolution By the Book, however, fears that the Occupy movement will face the same fate as the Tea [...]

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Redefining Success

Everybody likes a strong economy and everything it entails: full employment, higher wages and salaries, better benefits, more innovation, and so on. And just about everyone agrees that the current economy pretty much sucks. So how do we get from where we are back to economic health?

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Endpoint (10.7.11)

The week's best links that we didn't get to: 1. A federal judge has dismissed the Detroit city employee pension system's challenge to the Emergency Financial Manager law.  Another challenge in the Ingham Circuit Court is ongoing. 2. An awesome post on Detroit from Magical Urbanism (and a followup post on street art in Sao [...]

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What’s Happening on Wall Street?

It’s been called a protest, a movement, and even a church of dissent, but for several weeks now, a small but growing number of people from around the country have led an event called “Occupy Wall Street” that opposes itself to, well, lots of things.

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The Politics of Fat

There are two lovely posts that cropped up last week defending NJ Governor Chris Christie from attacks on his girth: Jonathan Chait’s Chris Christie is Fat. So What? in New York Magazine and Frank Bruni’s The Round and the Oval in the New York Times...

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The week's best links that we didn't get to: 1. The Wall Street Protests of the 99%, according to Juan Cole.  These protests are part of a general trend in modern democracies of eschewing the ballot box for mass protests. 2. A Daily story on Groundcover, an Ann Arbor newspaper designed to help those who have [...]

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When Is Discrimination Okay?

Yesterday Feministing brought us the lovely news that Southwest Airlines, a company with a history of discriminating against its customers, kicked The L Word actress Leisha Hailey and her girlfriend off a flight for kissing. Southwest alleges that they made this decision not because of Hailey’s sexuality but because she and her girlfriend were “making out..."

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